We are happy to announce that SOPRO LLP has reached a partnership agreement with the POWERZ Group.

SOPRO LLP will be an exclusive supplier of equipment designed and produced by POWERZ Group and will be dealing with disposition of products in the territory of Kazakhstan.

The Powerz company is a universal mechanism for providing most complicated engineering solutions and specializes in producing of power equipment. The company designs and manufactures steam and gas duct silencers, soot blowers for boiler heating surfaces, equipment for gas removal systems, ceramic protection and technologically complicated products for the needs of power sector. The team of highly skilled professionals is engaged in development of a broad range of fuel-burning equipment including coal burners, burners installed on vertical furnace walls and nonstandard burners. The company also designs the equipment for boiler islands. Powerz is engaged in development of documentation for renovation and designing of the existing heat power plants in order to increase productivity, to extend their service life and to reduce the air pollutant emissions. To ensure the failure-free operation of boiler equipment, the company provides services for equipment adjustment and process flow tests.

We believe this partnership to bring value to both companies and safeguard long-term presence of SOPRO LLP in the market of Kazakhstan Republic.

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