Kelast Ltd.

SOPRO LLP has achieved yet another success – exclusive partnership agreement with the company KELAST.

SOPRO LLP will be supplying the territory of Kazakhstan with quick thermal insulation products manufactured by Kelast. As insulation materials are in high demand in construction and production facilities of Kazakhstan we made sure to deliver best possible options for our customers.

Kelast is an innovative Russian company, a leader in the market for the engineering and production of expansion joints, asbestos-free sealing materials, and asbestos-free heat-insulating materials.

The Kelast company specializes in the production of fabric non-metallic expansion joints for gas and air pipelines for temperatures up to + 1200 ° C. The company offers exclusive technical solutions, often having no analogues in the CIS countries and in the world. As a system supplier of products and services for industrial enterprises, the company has mastered the production of asbestos-free sealing materials. Kelaast produces stuffing box based on thermally expanded graphite and expanded fluoro-plastic. Also in our product line there are asbestos-free SHAON cords.

As SOPRO LLP we are always in search of excellence and this partnership agreement is the testimony of our ambition to achieve sustainable development for all our customers.

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