Fanox Electronic, S.L.

SOPRO LLP is very pleased to report that in the race to add value to our partners` projects in Kazakhstan we signed distribution agreement with Fanox Electronic, S.L.

Fanox is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of Electronic Relays for Low and Medium Voltage applications. Since its foundation, back in 1992, Fanox has developed a wide range of products for multiple applications, and as an innovation driver and trendsetter, is settling itself in the energy market as a powerful manufacturer of a large number of Protection Relays that can be used in any kind of application in the Transmission & Distribution Lines.

Fanox is a specialist manufacturer in Self-Powered, Overcurrent, and Earth Fault Protection Relays for Feeder, Substations and RMUs Protection. All relays incorporate new industry trends: remote communication, high number of protection and control functions, self-designed software for the control of each device etc., all in a competitive package. The aim of these improvements is facilitating the implementation of Smart Grid and predictive maintenance of electrical lines.

We expect this Distribution Agreement to serve as one of the major instruments for expanding the geographical reach and substantive depth of the activities for SOPRO LLP in Europe and for Fanox Electronic, S.L. in Kazakhstan and in other Central Asia states.

Protection Relays for MT distribution and smart grids. Ideal for Renewables Aplication

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